Our Start

Initially, we were helping track participants in horse rides using a large whiteboard. This helped the event organizers understand where everybody was located for safety accountability.


We realized that the data gathered could be digitized to provide more useful information, including the ETAs of the participants at the various checkpoints. This also helped with coordinating the volunteers at the checkpoints so they would not be there longer than necessary.


Now, we have evolved the system again, to make the information available to the event participants/support teams even when they are away from base camp. This takes the stress away from the organizers, while adding to their ability to see where everyone is, or will be on the course.

We were highlighted for our support at a National Championship Endurance Horse Ride.

Reprinted from the January 2020 issue of Endurance News, the official publication of the American Endurance Ride Conference, AERC.org

-Added email/Facebook sharing options for individual events
-Added departure tracking from checkpoint options when Hold Time is used at checkpoint
-Added Checkpoint Tracker to aid in planning volunteers at checkpoints

-Added Notes field for participants
-Added a "Save/Add More" button to the CP update pages, allowing for faster data entry
-Added CP names to the update pages to reduce data entry errors

-Fixed issue where times were displaying in long format above CP10 on Display Board.
-Fixed issue where ETAs were not being colored correctly after CP8
-Fixed issue where speeds were not calculated correctly for the Participant View on CP6, affecting the Speed Profile
-Added header lock for Big Board View, making it easier to read the information.
-Added Total Participant counts to Big Board Display, providing Active and Non-Active counts for organizers
-Added error checking when missing CP data for time projections
-Changed table colors for better contrast

Next Steps...

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