Data Entry

The above video is a full mini course explaining how to perform data entry. It is highly recommended to watch the video if you are going to be assisting in an event and adding times at checkpoints.

Data entry can be performed on a smart phone, but something with a larger screen is recommended, especially if data is being entered for several checkpoints. Use of this system does require an internet connection (hotspot or device with LTE/3G)


Once logged in, this is the "Big Board" view for an event. If set to "Data Entry Only" permissions, the "Edit Event" and "Export Participant Data" will not be available.

The top row shows the checkpoint names as set by the organizer. Clicking on a checkpoint button will open the data entry page for that checkpoint.


All participants that have not been thru the checkpoint yet will be listed for data entry and they will be sorted by their number.

Tap/click on the time field under the checkpoint name to add a time. A convenient "time picker" appears and allows easy use on touch screen devices. For live data entry, use the "Now" button and click Done to close "time picker". Be sure to click save to store the information into the system.

If operating at one checkpoint, use the "Save/Add More" option, and you will be redirected back to the same screen.

If multiple participants arrive at the same time, switch the option from "Indiv" to "Group" for each participant that arrived together, then use the "Group Time" option at the top to select the time. Click Save to store the info to system.

If a checkpoint has a Hold Time set, a "Switch to Departure Data Entry" button will appear.


The Departure Time screen is noticeably different (blue background) to help reduce errors.

The CHK Column is to further assist with error reduction as well. Green indicates good data at a previous checkpoint (or arrival at same checkpoint), and yellow if there is no data for previous location. Times can still be entered, but the system can only provide estimates based on good information entered.


Individuals can be edited as well. This is useful if mistakes are made during data entry.

If a participant is either pulled or dropped from the event, change the setting for the participant on thier page, and add a note. The note is publically viewable.


As the event progresses, it my be handy to get a count of the number of participants that have been pulled from the event. Above the Big Board, there is a row of numbers showing the live count of participants in various status. Click/tap on the number and a different screen will appear to narrow the list to just those with that status.


Click/tap the Big Board icon on the top right or the "Total Participants" button to return to the Big Board view.