How To - Coordinators

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If you don't already have an account, slick the "Sign up now" link.


Enter information for an account. You will receive emails to the address you provide about events you create.

After signing up, login.


After logging in, event coordinators can Select An Event, Register New Event, Reset Password, or Sign Out.


Setting up an event is easy. Enter the name, zip, and event info. Next requirements are the Checkpoint names and distances. The distances are relative to each other, not from the start. The GPS points are not required, but enable google map links for participants and support crews to find the checkpoints easily. Hold times are for mandatory holds at checkpoints (horse rides), when the inputted times is checkpoint arrival.


The next step is to add participants to the event. Click the "Add Participant" button.

  • Don't forget to click the "Download Flyer" button to save an easy PDF for the event.

The flyer can be printed and shared to inform participants/support crews about the tracking system, and event number so they can see the data. The QR code at the top right can be scanned on a smart phone and open the webpage automatically.

Add Participant

Participants can be added individually, or in bulk. Bulk add is in CSV format, and must be in (Number, Name, Distance) order.


Data entry is done per checkpoint. To enter data, click on a checkpoint name.

Bulk Update at Checkpoint

For single checkpoint data entry, only the participants that have not been through that checkpoint and are active will show up for updates.

Each participant can be updated independently, or the group time can be used when several of them have the same time to be entered (like a starting time or they were grouped together).

Click on the empty field next to the name, and a time picker will appear for entry. The "Now" button can be used to get a current timestamp.

For other checkpoints (not the start), a "CHK" column will show up, indicating if a participant has been through the previous checkpoint or not. This helps to reduce data entry errors.

When ready, click the Save button.


As the event progresses, the times will start to be projected for arrivals to the next checkpoints.

Individual participants can be modified by clicking on their number.


If a participant dropped out if the event, edit them on the list, and uncheck the "active" checkbox. The system will stop calculating arrival times for that participant, and it will show differently on the Big Board.


When a participant "Active" setting is turned off, the time projection is disabled, and an orange box shows on the Big Board, showing they were pulled from the event.


  • For multi-day events, click the "Export Participant Data" button, and save the Participant .CSV file.
  • Click on the "Edit Event" button, and scroll to the bottom, then click "Export Event Data". Save the Event CSV file.
  • Click on your username at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on "Register New Event" and scroll down the the bottom of the screen.
  • Click "Browse" and locate the .CSV file. Click on the Date field and pick the correct date. Click "Upload". A new event will be created based on the old event, with no participant data. This saves from having to re-enter the checkpoint information which can be time consuming.